What are the figures of speech in Hindi?

What are the figures of speech in Hindi?

The Definition of figures of speech:- A Figure of speech is an expression that is uncommon and deviates from greater effect. The famous figures are discussed below.

What are the figures of speech in Hindi?

What are the figures of speech in Hindi? How many types of figures of speech are there?

Although there are many types of figures of speech, some famous figures of speech are as follows

1. Simile (उपमा अलंकर):- A Simile is a direct comparison between two different things or persons on certain points. (उपमा कुछ बिंदुओं पर दो अलग-अलग चीजों या व्यक्तियों के बीच प्रत्यक्ष तुलना है।)
Word of comparison:-
like, as, justice, just……………… in the same way, event……………….so, as……………….so.
For Example:-

  •  Life is like dream.
  • Men fear death as children fear going into the dark.
  • Childhood is life is a swiftly passing dream.
  • Rana Pratap was like a lion in the battle. 

2. Metaphor (रूपक अलंकर):- The qualities of one object are thus completely transferred to another and comparison between dissimilar things in an all point is called a Metaphor. What are the figures of speech in Hindi?
For Example:- 

  • Life is a dream.
  • The Camel is Ship of Desert.
  • The wish is the father too though.

3. Personification(मानवीकरण अलंकार):- In Personification, sometimes lifeless things or abstract ideas spoke of as having life and intelligence.  (वैयक्तिकरण में, कभी-कभी निर्जीव वस्तुओं या अमूर्त विचारों में जीवन और बुद्धि होने की बात की जाती है।)What are the figures of speech in Hindi?
For Example:-

  • Love Is blind.
  • Experience is the best teacher.
  • Anxiety is sitting on your face.

4. Apostrophe(सम्बोधन अलंकार):- In Apostrophe, the lifeless things are addressed as human beings.
For Example:-

  • ‘O’ Death! Where are they stung?
  • ‘O’ Cassen! Thou are might yet?

5. Hyperbole(अतिशयोक्ति अलंकार):- In Hyperbole the statement is made emphatic by overstatement.(अतिशयोक्ति में कथन को अतिशयोक्ति द्वारा सशक्त बनाया जाता है।)What are the figures of speech in Hindi?
For Example:- 

  • Belinda smiled and all the world was gay.
  • I beg a thousand pardons.

6. Oxymoron(विरोधाभास अलंकार):- In Oxymoron the association of two words or phrases having opposite meanings.
For Example:-

  • Shivansh is idly busy studies.
  • Suraj’s tongue is better-sweet.
  • om’s mind is an open secret.

7. Onomatopoeia( ध्वनिसूचक अलंकार ):- It is a figure of speech where the sound of the words is made to echo or suggest the sense. What are the figures of speech in Hindi?
For Example:-

  • Bees are humming on life.
  • The Curfew tolls the knell of parting day.

Idioms and Phrases

A bed Of roses(फूलो की सेज ):- Life Is not a bed of roses.

A Man of letters (विद्वान व्यक्ति):- Pt. Jawaher lal Nehru Was a man of letters.

A red letter day (स्वार्णिम/महत्वपूर्ण दिन):- 15th August is a red letters day in the history of India.

A bone of contention (झगड़े की जड़ ):- Fathers property is a bone of contention between two brothers.

Bag and baggage (बोरा विस्तर ):- The English man left India Bag and Baggage in 1947.

Apple of one’s eye(आँखों का तारा/ अतिप्रिय):- Sonu is the apple of his grandfather is the eye.

A maiden speech(प्रथम भाषण):- Her maiden speech was truly impressive.

A fool’s paradise(क्षणिक खुशी):- Don’t go for a fool’s paradise but for internal happiness.

Apple of discord(झगड़े की जड़ ):– Kashmir is an apple of discord between India and Pakistan.

ABC (बहुत साधारण ज्ञान ) :- He doesn’t know ABC of physics .

Again and Again (बार-बार):- One who tries, again and again, gets success positively.

Alpha and Omega (शुरुआत और अन्त ):- The Alpha and Omega of British Policy was to keep the Indians divided. What are the figures of speech in Hindi?

Uphills Task (कठिन कार्य):- Passsing UPSC Examination is an Uphills task.


Definition of the word:- A group of meaningful full letters is called a word.
Examples:- Boy, Table, Chair, Man, ETC. What are the figures of speech in Hindi?


Definition of the sentence:- A group of words, which makes complete sense is called s sentence.

  • Ram is writing a letter.
  • How pretty she is?
  • Are you hungry?

Parts of Sentence 

Two Types of sentence

  • Subject(कर्ता) :- जब हम किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु का नाम लेते है , तो उसे Subject(कर्ता) कहते हैं |
  • Predicate(विधेय):- जब हम किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु के विषय  में कुछ कहते है, तो वह Predicate(विधेय) होता है |

For Example:- 
Mohan laughs.
Geeta Reads.

प्रथम वाक्य में Mohan तथा दुसरे वाक्य में Geeta कर्ता (Subject) है , तथा laughs और Reads Predicate(विधेय) है |

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